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She couldn’t help it.She tried not to…But it was just habit now.Looking at herself in The full length mirrorAfter her shower…
She would stareShe would assessShe would sigh And shake her headAnd try so hardNot to cry…
She would turn and walk away…Shoulders sagging a little lower,Spirits dragging a little heavier.
He watched her.He hated seeing her like this.He could not understand her sadnessOr the fact that she wouldn’t Share her troubled thoughtsWith him.
So he waited…Until the next time.And when she stoodSighing sadly in the mirrorHe crept up behind herAnd took her in his armsKeeping her from pulling away“Keep looking,” he instructed,“But tell me what you see.”
His heart broke As she listed off All the flaws that She saw staring back at her.She talked of sagsAnd of bagsAnd the stripesThat marked her hipsAnd abdomenAs the tears of shameStreaked her cheeksand her voiceWas a whisperOf disappointment.
He took a shaking breathAnd swallowed his own tearsAnd in her earHe hoarsely whispered…
“These breasts that sag, As you say they do,Have provided nourishmentTo our childrenAnd comfort and pleasureTo me.The skin that is not as tightShows the fight that you foughtTo be healthy and live longerSo we can grow olderTogether.These stripes?They are the storyThat tell of the growthOf the life inside youThat we created Together in loveAnd you carriedSelflessly and beautifullyAnd that You fought so hardTo bring safely into this world.”
He took a deep breath…“You may see flawsAnd things to cut and tuck…But I see the womanWho makes me hardWho has comforted meWho has supported meWho has loved meAnd who is mine.
I see poetry in motionAnd beauty personified.
And someone I want to spendMaking love toFor all the daysOf our lives.
But first….The mirror goes.
The only reflectionThat need matterIs the one you see In my eyes…
Reflected in My love.”
And he kissed her.


She couldn’t help it.
She tried not to…
But it was just habit now.
Looking at herself in 
The full length mirror
After her shower…

She would stare
She would assess
She would sigh
And shake her head
And try so hard
Not to cry…

She would turn and walk away…
Shoulders sagging a little lower,
Spirits dragging a little heavier.

He watched her.
He hated seeing her like this.
He could not understand her sadness
Or the fact that she wouldn’t 
Share her troubled thoughts
With him.

So he waited…
Until the next time.
And when she stood
Sighing sadly in the mirror
He crept up behind her
And took her in his arms
Keeping her from pulling away
“Keep looking,” he instructed,
“But tell me what you see.”

His heart broke 
As she listed off 
All the flaws that 
She saw staring back at her.
She talked of sags
And of bags
And the stripes
That marked her hips
And abdomen
As the tears of shame
Streaked her cheeks
and her voice
Was a whisper
Of disappointment.

He took a shaking breath
And swallowed his own tears
And in her ear
He hoarsely whispered…

“These breasts that sag, 
As you say they do,
Have provided nourishment
To our children
And comfort and pleasure
To me.
The skin that is not as tight
Shows the fight that you fought
To be healthy and live longer
So we can grow older
These stripes?
They are the story
That tell of the growth
Of the life inside you
That we created 
Together in love
And you carried
Selflessly and beautifully
And that You fought so hard
To bring safely into this world.”

He took a deep breath…
“You may see flaws
And things to cut and tuck…
But I see the woman
Who makes me hard
Who has comforted me
Who has supported me
Who has loved me
And who is mine.

I see poetry in motion
And beauty personified.

And someone I want to spend
Making love to
For all the days
Of our lives.

But first….
The mirror goes.

The only reflection
That need matter
Is the one you see 
In my eyes…

Reflected in 
My love.”

And he kissed her.

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Every woman has mastered this. We are actually born with this skill.

You level up when you can do it with long sleeves

I was the only girl on an all-boys varsity soccer team. I had to change on the bus during away games because I didn’t have a locker room at other schools. I was not uncomfortable with that, actually. I did what I had to.

But one day I noticed that like three guys who were seniors were just staring at me as I did this and I must have shot them a dirty look because one of them (who is actually a family friend) was like “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to stare, but we’re still trying to figure out how the hell girls do that” and I just felt bad. They just want to get their girlfriend’s bra off without losing an eye and we can remove the whole thing like fucking wizards

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